Meet the Characters

Lily the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Lily the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Character Trait: Extrovert and Beautiful

She's beautiful and very much an extrovert. She can be quite bossy, but once you get to know her she is the sweetest-natured bird. She loves to fly for anyone.
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Desmond the Tasmanian Devil-For Me By Dee

Desmond the Tasmanian Devil

Character Trait: Inquisitive and Intuitive

He is innocent and inquisitive. He may be loud, but he is only putting on a front and is in fact quite a shy guy.
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Poppy the Platypus-For Me By Dee

Poppy the Platypus

Character Trait: Dreamer and Contemplative

She's a dreamer - quiet, warm, and appreciates time alone.
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Betty the Budgie-For Me By Dee

Betty the Budgie

Sensitive and sweet. Betty is such a cheerful, chirpy companion.
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Zoe the Zebra-For Me By Dee

Zoe the Zebra

Character Trait: Classy

Zoe is our ‘it’ girl. She’s ever so cool and classy, only wears black and white and knows how to strike a pose. Zoe is city chic all the way.

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Tank the English Bulldog

Tank the English Bulldog

Under his folds of skin Tank is the most gentle dog you'll meet. He is a self confessed couch potato and loves a good Netflix binge.
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Reg the Rhino-For Me By Dee

Reg the Rhino

Character Trait: Smooth and Calm

He may look rough on the outside, but Reg is known for his smooth and calm personality. He has a slow, deep voice and loves to sing jazz, he’s the Barry White of our animal friends!

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Pongo the Panda-For Me By Dee

Pongo the Panda

Character Trait: Champion Ping Pong Player

Did you know that Pongo is a champion ping-pong player? He’s a quiet achiever and will never boast, but he’s won the local competition 3 years running! Nice one Pongo!

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Pippa the Pelican-For Me By Dee

Pippa the Pelican

Beautifully refined and elegant...until a fish comes along!
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Percy the Parrot-For Me By Dee

Percy the Parrot

Character Trait: Curious and Inquisitive

Oh my, that Percy could talk a leg off a chair! He’s curious and inquisitive and forever asking questions. Make sure you know your stuff when your around Percy, it’s never a short conversation.

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Penny the Peacock-For Me By Dee

Penny the Peacock

Character Trait: Beautiful and Majestic

Have you met Penny? She’s beautiful and majestic and clever too. She’s confident and refined, and dreams about traveling the world… first class of course.

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Peggy the Penguin-For Me By Dee

Peggy the Penguin

Character Trait: Business Woman

Peggy is a business woman and always on the go. She is quick on the ice and hurrily walking from meeting to meeting, but always makes time for a sushi. She loves her raw fish.

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