Meet the Characters

Pat the Possum-For Me By Dee

Pat the Possum

Originally a country boy, Pat the Possum has recently taken the leap and moved closer to the city. This move has proved fruitful, the roof he now inhabits is cosy and warm and his housemates are keen gardeners growing all sorts of fruit trees. He can't believe his luck!
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Mitch the Major Mitchell-For Me By Dee

Mitch the Major Mitchell

Character Trait: Cool Singer

Mitch is a cool guy – he sings in a band with his cockatoo mates and even has a Mohawk. They’re looking to get a record deal soon but they’ll never sellout. It’s all about the music for Mitch.

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Luna the Barn Owl-For Me By Dee

Luna the Barn Owl

Luna spends most of her days catching up on beauty sleep emerging at night wide eyed and ready to be wined and dined. 
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Kev the Koala-For Me By Dee

Kev the Koala

Character Trait: Cuddly

Have you met Kev? He’s a cuddly guy and everyone’s mate – he’s the first to buy a round of eucalyptus leaves for his friends. Kev is very welcoming and is always telling a yarn.

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Kartika the Tiger-For Me By Dee

Kartika the Tiger

Character Trait: Mum Boss

With her serious stare, Kartika means business. A mum to 5 young tigers, she knows how to keep those mischievous cubs in line. There’s no pulling the wool over Kartika’s eyes – nothing gets past her!

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Hugo the Hippo-For Me By Dee

Hugo the Hippo

Character Traits: Wise and Caring

Hugo may look a bit gruff but he’s just a big softy. He’s wise, caring and great at giving advice. And if you need a hug? Hugo is your hippo.

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Harry the Hare-For Me By Dee

Harry the Hare

Character Trait: Quick on His Feet

Harry is quick on his feet and loves his early morning runs. And with his big ears he always knows the word on the street!

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Gi Gi the Gang Gang Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Gi Gi the Gang Gang Cockatoo

Have you met Gi Gi? He is so gangster with his funky crest and hip feathers.
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Gary the Galah-For Me By Dee

Gary the Galah

Character Trait: Silly Prankster

Meet Gary. He tries his best but always puts his foot in it. He likes to play pranks and act the fool – what a silly galah!

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Frankie the Fox-For Me By Dee

Frankie the Fox

Character Trait: Sly and Sneaky

Frankie is one sly little fox. She has a knowing smirk and knows all the gossip in the forest. In fact, she might be the source of these tall tales…what a sneaky fox she is!

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Florence the Flamingo-For Me By Dee

Florence the Flamingo

Character Trait: Graceful and Delicate

Graceful and delicate, Florence is one fine-featured flamingo. A little dash of dazzle and a pinch of posh, she’s is a classy bird who loves the finer things in life. With a long neck and striking pose. Oh Florence, you certainly know how to turn heads…. including Hugo the Hippo who is popping up out of the lake!

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Elliot the Elephant-For Me By Dee

Elliot the Elephant

Character Trait: Patient and Kind

Elliott is patient and kind. With those big ears, he’s a good listener and will always keep your secrets safe. He has a great memory and never forgets his friend’s birthdays.

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