Poppy the Platypus

Poppy the Platypus-For Me By Dee

If you had to describe Poppy in one word, it would have to be ‘solitary’. In the past, other animals made fun of the contemplative platypus for being so unique and different. It made her afraid to socialise when she moved into the neighbourhood. But one night, while hunting, she ended up in terrible danger. Fortunately, Winston the Wombat (who’s always awake at night time) was able to come to the rescue. It made Poppy realise that she could trust her new neighbours; they care about her and don’t judge her in any way. These days, Poppy’s less shy, and loves hanging out with her new friends who have embraced her unique characteristics and are truly amazed at how versatile and adaptable she is. Nowadays rather than shy away from her unique skills Poppy has embraced them and uses them to help her community of friends.  

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