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Tofu the Chinese Crested Dog

November 01, 2022 2 min read

Tofu the Chinese Crested Dog in pink circle

Resilient & Sensitive. “Mental Health Warrior”

After being the victim of two serious dog attacks, Tofu’s mental health rapidly declined. It was around the same time as his human, Annie, also saw her mental health take a hit. 

On the same day, Annie and Tofu decided to take the steps necessary to help them heal. Through this healing process, Tofu found it relaxing to have his hair brushed and even done up in colours brightening the hard times – this was the birth of Annie’s grooming career!

Watching Tofu heal gave Annie hope and removed the stigma around medication as she saw the impact it had on Tofu. Although Tofu’s medication was only for a short while, it was vital in helping him recover.

Through healing with Tofu, Annie realised —

It’s okay to be sad when things are sad, but we deserve resilience.

It’s okay to feel fear when things should be feared, but we all deserve peace.

It’s okay to sleep in or stay up late, but sometimes we need rest, balance and routine.

It’s okay to despair when things are hard, but we deserve to keep on living.

Today Tofu lives happily, coming to Annie’s grooming salon each day. He is sensitive to how other’s feel, both human and animal. If you cry, no matter who you are, he will appear to lick away your tears. If a dog is upset in the grooming salon he will do a cry-howl “wahhhoooo” to bring it to the human’s attention. 

Tofu is a reminder of how far we can come and how our lives can turn around– because of this, his face is the logo of the business, “Uncanny Animals.”

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