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Carrie the Cavoodle

July 17, 2019 1 min read

Character Trait: Smart, Affectionate, Loyal Friend, and Loves To Be Groomed

Carrie is a true New Yorker. She loves taking walks through Central Park, nibbling on treats and sipping on water with her inseparable friends Chloe, Ollie and Sid.

When Chloe reveals that she will be moving out of Manhattan to Brooklyn, Carrie is devastated.

Ollie and Sid rallied around Carrie, reassuring her that the inseparable bond among the four of them would never change.

Carrie wanted to be excited for Chloe, but with Chloe gone, who would she be sharing park time and grooming sessions with?

Despite the circumstances, Carrie wanted to be supportive and loyal to her friend. She decided to throw Chloe a fabulous farewell party. She visited her favourite groomer in the Upper East Side to get ready for a memorable night.

The party was a success, and Chloe was moved by Carrie's show of affection. Ollie and Sid were right - they visit Chloe in Brooklyn every other weekend, sharing bites and sips in a beautiful park across the river.

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