Kiki the Kiwi-For Me By Dee

Kiki the Kiwi

Quick on her feet Kiki the Kiwi can out run anyone!
She is strong, grounded and independent! She may look shy but there is no getting past Kiki, with her acute sense of smell and long beak she will sniff anyone out!

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Kai the Kea-For Me By Dee

Kai the Kea

Meet Kai the Kea, the world’s only alpine parrot.
The cheeky and playful parrot is highly intelligent and famously curious.
Quite the socialite you will often find Kai amongst people showing off his newly learned tricks.
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Kiri the Kereru-For Me By Dee

Kiri the Kereru

Meet Kiri the Kereru, clumsy, gluttonous and glamorous.
Kiri has earned a reputation for indulging in fermented fruit, winding up tipsy and falling out of the odd tree!
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Carlos the Palm Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Carlos the Palm Cockatoo

Character Trait: Not affectionate, but finds a mate for life

With an enormous stature, he is smart and handsome but difficult to manage. He is not considered affectionate, yet he is monogamous and finds a mate for life. He is very sociable, like other cockatoos, and needs regular interaction with friends.

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Lily the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Lily the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Character Trait: Extrovert and Beautiful

She's beautiful and very much an extrovert. She can be quite bossy, but once you get to know her she is the sweetest-natured bird. She loves to fly for anyone.
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Betty the Budgie-For Me By Dee

Betty the Budgie

Sensitive and sweet. Betty is such a cheerful, chirpy companion.
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Pippa the Pelican-For Me By Dee

Pippa the Pelican

Beautifully refined and elegant...until a fish comes along!
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Percy the Parrot-For Me By Dee

Percy the Parrot

Character Trait: Curious and Inquisitive

Oh my, that Percy could talk a leg off a chair! He’s curious and inquisitive and forever asking questions. Make sure you know your stuff when your around Percy, it’s never a short conversation.

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Penny the Peacock-For Me By Dee

Penny the Peacock

Character Trait: Beautiful and Majestic

Have you met Penny? She’s beautiful and majestic and clever too. She’s confident and refined, and dreams about traveling the world… first class of course.

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Peggy the Penguin-For Me By Dee

Peggy the Penguin

Character Trait: Business Woman

Peggy is a business woman and always on the go. She is quick on the ice and hurrily walking from meeting to meeting, but always makes time for a sushi. She loves her raw fish.

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Mitch the Major Mitchell-For Me By Dee

Mitch the Major Mitchell

Character Trait: Cool Singer

Mitch is a cool guy – he sings in a band with his cockatoo mates and even has a Mohawk. They’re looking to get a record deal soon but they’ll never sellout. It’s all about the music for Mitch.

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Luna the Barn Owl-For Me By Dee

Luna the Barn Owl

Luna spends most of her days catching up on beauty sleep emerging at night wide eyed and ready to be wined and dined. 
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