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The inspiration behind our newest Farm Range

February 14, 2022 2 min read

The Farm Range has been nearly two years in the making and I couldn’t be more excited to finally launch it to the world. 

 mum and son reading on bed with farm animal art prints

Pictured:Farm Range Art Prints

A farm range has always been on the ‘ideas list’ but it wasn’t until the second year of lockdowns in Melbourne and becoming a mother that the ‘ideas’ started to grow and eventually become a reality! 

Bringing farm life home 

mum and son holding hands on a farm

Each of my collections very much marks a point in time within my life.

Through my character portraits and their accompanying stories the essence of my life in that moment is captured.

The farm range was created in a time where we weren’t allowed to travel more than 5km. This meant no drives to the beautiful countryside and no farm visits with our son. Things we would have done given the freedom.

In a way my characters were born out of an urge to bring the countryside to us. I created what I was yearning for most!

Creating connections with my son through my farm animal characters

mum and son pointing to a large horse watercolour artwork

Pictured: Winslow the Horse A2 Art Print

My son also showed a real interest in animals and like most young children was particularly drawn to farm animals. I wanted to connect with him through my artwork.

Sure we had lots of books with cows and horses but these characters would be made with love by mum.

The idea of my farm range of characters evolving at the same time as my son was learning about who these animals were and the sounds/noises they make captivated me and urged me to continue until they were just right.


Bringing joy to a pandemic year

Creating the characters in this range brought much joy and hope to a year marked by a pandemic. The process of bringing each character to life gave me a goal and a purpose and sparked my passion for creating again. They kept me positive and future focussed in a year that was anything but. For this they will always hold a special place in my heart and I will be forever grateful for what they provided in such challenging times. 



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