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HOW TO: Hang our animal linen tea towels as art

March 28, 2022 3 min read

Over the many years of exhibiting our products, the most interest we have received is when we suggest hanging our linen animal tea towels as artwork. 

An affordable, lightweight, simple solution to add instant character and joy to that wall you have been meaning to fill. 


Dee hanging horse linen tea towel as art in styled bedroom

Affordable art to suit your lifestyle  

Do you have limited budget and time?

You may not have the time or the budget to frame artwork. Don't get me wrong I do love a beautifully framed piece of art and I particularly love our Art Prints framed. But I understand that it can be an expensive task and take time to custom frame art to suit your particular aesthetic. Our linen tea towels are a great, affordable and tactile alternative. Made from 100% quality linen featuring our original character artwork they will add instant character and appeal to any space. 

Are you looking for something easily interchangeable and not permanent?

This resonates with me personally. True to my Libran horoscope I have a hard time making decisions. Therefore, having the ability to change something like art, with minimal effort speaks to me greatly. You may be renting or in between houses and don't have the ability to nail into walls to support a hook for heavy artwork. No need to leave the walls bare, our lightweight 100% linen tea towels are suitable to hang on removable hooks. No tools needed!

 Dee hanging black greyhound linen tea towel as artwork

Minimal effort with big impact

They say a change is as good as a holiday and for me a room makeover is just that. 

Some new linen, a fresh colour palette or a change of theme can have a big impact with minimal effort. 

Change the theme of a room with a simple swap of your tea towels. From our country style Farm Range to our native Australiana Range we have a range of animal themes to suit any style room you are hoping to create.


Styling my son's room with our Farm Animal Tea Towels

I have recently redecorated my toddler's room. Having quite a neutral theme for his nursery I felt it was time to incorporate some artwork he has a strong connection with.

He loves all things farm and farm animals in-particular! Quite timely considering we just launched our Farm Animals range of characters.

I gave him the option and he was quite clear in his choice of Pia the Pig and Mabel the sheep!

nursery with cot and toddler pointing at linen tea towels hanging as art featuring farm animals pig sheep duck and goat

Pia the Pig and Mabel the Sheep featured along side Darryl the Duck and Gerty the Goat Linen Tea Towels. 



Pet portrait hanging in nursery

Our Custom Pet Portrait of our dog Riggs hangs in the nursery. A great way to keep toddlers occupied during nappy changes. 


I chose to hang our lightweight 100% linen tea towels given they could simply hang from our picture rail and I wouldn't have to use any hooks or nails. Having a lightweight piece of artwork also suited being hung over the change table area. 

The tactile nature of the linen created a beautiful contrast to other framed prints featured in my son's room including our Pet Portrait of our dog Riggs. 


Hanging your For Me By Dee Tea Towels with Corner Block Studio Tea Towel Frames. 

Earl the emu linen tea towel hanging in styled kitchen

Earl the Emu Linen Tea Towel featured in the brunette hardwood tea towel frame by Corner Block Studio 


We recieve many queries from our customers about where we suggest they find timber tea towel frames. 

We were introduced to Brisbane based small business Corner Block Studio while both exhibiting at design markets around Australia. 

The Tea Towel Frames are made from premium and sustainable timber and 100% cotton cord. 

The natural timber compliments our characters and is a perfect fit with our animal tea towels.

There are 3 timbers to choose from: Blonde and Brunette - Recycled Australian Hardwood and Raw Pine - Queensland Hoop Pine.

I have put together a little HOW To video featuring our farm range of animal tea towels and both the Raw Pine and the Blonde Hardwood Tea Towel frames. 


Tips when hanging our linen Tea Towel's as art 

Iron before you hang

Linen is sturdy and lightweight but it also wrinkles therefore needs a good iron before hanging. To get best results either iron or steam when slightly damp. 

Use a small clear hook

If you are using a removable hook try to find a small clear hook so as not to detract attention from the artwork. 

Hang it amongst other artwork 

Our tea towels don't need to hang alone. Hang alongside other animals in our tea towel range or alongside artwork you may already have!


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