Back to School Bundle - Quentin the Quokka

Introducing our 'Back to School Bundles'

Do you have a little (or big!) person in your life that is a little worried about starting kinder or school this year?

We have specifically designed these bundles to help you out.

Meet Pedro, Quentin and Gary our friendly and supportive characters with plenty of superpowers to help your little one on their journey.

For night time support, we have our gorgeous pillowcases ready for a little night time chat to debrief on the day or worries ahead.

For daytime, our discrete, yet so full of character keyrings are the perfect partner to help you through the day without anyone knowing. Pop this friendly face onto your bag, pencil case or lunchbox, and your little pal is ready to support you whenever you need it.

Write a special note of support in one of our matching greeting cards which they can pop in their bag with them or frame and keep at home.

Self Care Bundle
$ 139.00 AUD $ 160.00 AUD
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Sustainability Bundle
$ 129.00 AUD $ 140.00 AUD
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Back to School Bundle - Pedro the Pug
$ 60.00 AUD
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Back to School Bundle - Gary the Galah
$ 60.00 AUD
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Dee's Bundle
$ 99.00 AUD
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