Quentin the Quokka

Quentin the Quokka

Character Trait: Happy, Sociable, and Never Shy or Scared

Quentin is quite the attention-grabber. His infectious smile, fun interactions and happy demeanor melt the hearts of all that come across him, especially humans.

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Alice the Alpaca-For Me By Dee

Alice the Alpaca

Character Trait: Self-Assured, Gentle, and Community-Driven

She is confident and social. She loves to be around her friends, she is after all a herd animal. She also has a gentle and curious side.
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Desmond the Tasmanian Devil-For Me By Dee

Desmond the Tasmanian Devil

Character Trait: Inquisitive and Intuitive

He is innocent and inquisitive. He may be loud, but he is only putting on a front and is in fact quite a shy guy.
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Poppy the Platypus-For Me By Dee

Poppy the Platypus

Character Trait: Dreamer and Contemplative

She's a dreamer - quiet, warm, and appreciates time alone.
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Zoe the Zebra-For Me By Dee

Zoe the Zebra

Character Trait: Classy

Zoe is our ‘it’ girl. She’s ever so cool and classy, only wears black and white and knows how to strike a pose. Zoe is city chic all the way.

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Reg the Rhino-For Me By Dee

Reg the Rhino

Character Trait: Smooth and Calm

He may look rough on the outside, but Reg is known for his smooth and calm personality. He has a slow, deep voice and loves to sing jazz, he’s the Barry White of our animal friends!

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Pongo the Panda-For Me By Dee

Pongo the Panda

Character Trait: Champion Ping Pong Player

Did you know that Pongo is a champion ping-pong player? He’s a quiet achiever and will never boast, but he’s won the local competition 3 years running! Nice one Pongo!

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Pat the Possum-For Me By Dee

Pat the Possum

Originally a country boy, Pat the Possum has recently taken the leap and moved closer to the city. This move has proved fruitful, the roof he now inhabits is cosy and warm and his housemates are keen gardeners growing all sorts of fruit trees. He can't believe his luck!
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Kev the Koala-For Me By Dee

Kev the Koala

Character Trait: Cuddly

Have you met Kev? He’s a cuddly guy and everyone’s mate – he’s the first to buy a round of eucalyptus leaves for his friends. Kev is very welcoming and is always telling a yarn.

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Kartika the Tiger-For Me By Dee

Kartika the Tiger

Character Trait: Mum Boss

With her serious stare, Kartika means business. A mum to 5 young tigers, she knows how to keep those mischievous cubs in line. There’s no pulling the wool over Kartika’s eyes – nothing gets past her!

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Hugo the Hippo-For Me By Dee

Hugo the Hippo

Character Traits: Wise and Caring

Hugo may look a bit gruff but he’s just a big softy. He’s wise, caring and great at giving advice. And if you need a hug? Hugo is your hippo.

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Harry the Hare-For Me By Dee

Harry the Hare

Character Trait: Quick on His Feet

Harry is quick on his feet and loves his early morning runs. And with his big ears he always knows the word on the street!

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