Carlos the Palm Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Carlos the Palm Cockatoo

Character Trait: Not affectionate, but finds a mate for life

With an enormous stature, he is smart and handsome but difficult to manage. He is not considered affectionate, yet he is monogamous and finds a mate for life. He is very sociable, like other cockatoos, and needs regular interaction with friends.

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Lily the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Lily the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Character Trait: Extrovert and Beautiful

She's beautiful and very much an extrovert. She can be quite bossy, but once you get to know her she is the sweetest-natured bird. She loves to fly for anyone.
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Betty the Budgie-For Me By Dee

Betty the Budgie

Sensitive and sweet. Betty is such a cheerful, chirpy companion.
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Percy the Parrot-For Me By Dee

Percy the Parrot

Character Trait: Curious and Inquisitive

Oh my, that Percy could talk a leg off a chair! He’s curious and inquisitive and forever asking questions. Make sure you know your stuff when your around Percy, it’s never a short conversation.

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Mitch the Major Mitchell-For Me By Dee

Mitch the Major Mitchell

Character Trait: Cool Singer

Mitch is a cool guy – he sings in a band with his cockatoo mates and even has a Mohawk. They’re looking to get a record deal soon but they’ll never sellout. It’s all about the music for Mitch.

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Gi Gi the Gang Gang Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Gi Gi the Gang Gang Cockatoo

Have you met Gi Gi? He is so gangster with his funky crest and hip feathers.
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Gary the Galah-For Me By Dee

Gary the Galah

Character Trait: Silly Prankster

Meet Gary. He tries his best but always puts his foot in it. He likes to play pranks and act the fool – what a silly galah!

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Connie the Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Connie the Cockatoo

Character Trait: Fashionable and on Trend

Connie is fashionable and on trend. She spends many afternoons at the hairdressers enjoying at chat with the ladies, making sure her crest is freshly coiffed and sleek so she can always look her best.

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Colin the Cockatiel-For Me By Dee

Colin the Cockatiel

Character Trait: Cheery and Chirpy

Cheery and chirpy, Colin is such a sociable guy and always up for a chat. He often compliments the ladies about their hair – particularly Connie the Cockatoo – he has a little crush on her!

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Berty the Budgie-For Me By Dee

Berty the Budgie

Character Trait: Cheeky and Charming

That Berty, he’s a real charmer! Cheeky and bright, Berty is quite the talker. Word on the street is that he and Betty the Budgie are an item – but hang on, is he trying to woo Penny the Peacock too?

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Maggie the Magpie-For Me By Dee

Maggie the Magpie

Character Trait: Colourful

Nothing get's passed this lady, especially with that eye. She may be black and white but she has the most colourful of personalities!

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Kenny the Kookaburra-For Me By Dee

Kenny the Kookaburra

Character Trait: The Independent Spirit

Our Kenny is an independent spirit. He branches out on his own and flies his own path in life. He’s often laughing at his own jokes – because nobody else thinks they’re funny! He has a unique sense of humour but is always down for a good laugh.

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