Pongo the Panda-For Me By Dee

Pongo the Panda

Character Trait: Champion Ping Pong Player

Did you know that Pongo is a champion ping-pong player? He’s a quiet achiever and will never boast, but he’s won the local competition 3 years running! Nice one Pongo!

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Penny the Peacock-For Me By Dee

Penny the Peacock

Character Trait: Beautiful and Majestic

Have you met Penny? She’s beautiful and majestic and clever too. She’s confident and refined, and dreams about traveling the world… first class of course.

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Kartika the Tiger-For Me By Dee

Kartika the Tiger

Character Trait: Mum Boss

With her serious stare, Kartika means business. A mum to 5 young tigers, she knows how to keep those mischievous cubs in line. There’s no pulling the wool over Kartika’s eyes – nothing gets past her!

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Elliot the Elephant-For Me By Dee

Elliot the Elephant

Character Trait: Patient and Kind

Elliott is patient and kind. With those big ears, he’s a good listener and will always keep your secrets safe. He has a great memory and never forgets his friend’s birthdays.

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Doug the Donkey-For Me By Dee

Doug the Donkey

Character Trait: Shy and Friendly

It’s the quiet ones you need to watch, like Doug. He’s a little bit shy, friendly and kind… but when the music begins he loves to dance and kick up his hooves!

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