Alice the Alpaca-For Me By Dee

Alice the Alpaca

Character Trait: Self-Assured, Gentle, and Community-Driven

She is confident and social. She loves to be around her friends, she is after all a herd animal. She also has a gentle and curious side.
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Frankie the Fox-For Me By Dee

Frankie the Fox

Character Trait: Sly and Sneaky

Frankie is one sly little fox. She has a knowing smirk and knows all the gossip in the forest. In fact, she might be the source of these tall tales…what a sneaky fox she is!

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Florence the Flamingo-For Me By Dee

Florence the Flamingo

Character Trait: Graceful and Delicate

Graceful and delicate, Florence is one fine-featured flamingo. A little dash of dazzle and a pinch of posh, she’s is a classy bird who loves the finer things in life. With a long neck and striking pose. Oh Florence, you certainly know how to turn heads…. including Hugo the Hippo who is popping up out of the lake!

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Doug the Donkey-For Me By Dee

Doug the Donkey

Character Trait: Shy and Friendly

It’s the quiet ones you need to watch, like Doug. He’s a little bit shy, friendly and kind… but when the music begins he loves to dance and kick up his hooves!

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Dotty the Deer-For Me By Dee

Dotty the Deer

Character Trait: Free-Spirited and Playful

Dotty is a girl on the go, she’s up for a quick chat but is always on the run. She’s a free-spirit, playful and loves the outdoors, particularly the crisp morning air.

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Clarence the Camel-For Me By Dee

Clarence the Camel

Character Trait: Slow and Steady

Slow and steady is our friend Clarence. He likes to takes things easy and is never in rush – he munches his lunch very slowly and loves to take long strolls on the beach at sunset.
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Rocco the Raccoon-For Me By Dee

Rocco the Raccoon

Character Trait: Mischievous and Larrikin

A bit of a cheeky one, Rocco the Raccoon was known to be the trouble maker while growing up. However, his experiences have stemmed from being curious, energetic, and independent - all positive traits. Rocco is able to think on the spot whenever he finds himself in a pickle, which makes him extremely adaptable.

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