Zoe the Zebra-For Me By Dee

Zoe the Zebra

Character Trait: Classy

Zoe is our ‘it’ girl. She’s ever so cool and classy, only wears black and white and knows how to strike a pose. Zoe is city chic all the way.

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Reg the Rhino-For Me By Dee

Reg the Rhino

Character Trait: Smooth and Calm

He may look rough on the outside, but Reg is known for his smooth and calm personality. He has a slow, deep voice and loves to sing jazz, he’s the Barry White of our animal friends!

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Hugo the Hippo-For Me By Dee

Hugo the Hippo

Character Traits: Wise and Caring

Hugo may look a bit gruff but he’s just a big softy. He’s wise, caring and great at giving advice. And if you need a hug? Hugo is your hippo.

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Harry the Hare-For Me By Dee

Harry the Hare

Character Trait: Quick on His Feet

Harry is quick on his feet and loves his early morning runs. And with his big ears he always knows the word on the street!

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Elliot the Elephant-For Me By Dee

Elliot the Elephant

Character Trait: Patient and Kind

Elliott is patient and kind. With those big ears, he’s a good listener and will always keep your secrets safe. He has a great memory and never forgets his friend’s birthdays.

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Doug the Donkey-For Me By Dee

Doug the Donkey

Character Trait: Shy and Friendly

It’s the quiet ones you need to watch, like Doug. He’s a little bit shy, friendly and kind… but when the music begins he loves to dance and kick up his hooves!

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Clarence the Camel-For Me By Dee

Clarence the Camel

Character Trait: Slow and Steady

Slow and steady is our friend Clarence. He likes to takes things easy and is never in rush – he munches his lunch very slowly and loves to take long strolls on the beach at sunset.
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Alison the Leopard-For Me By Dee

Alison the Leopard

Character Trait: Mysterious and Moody

Mysterious and moody, Alison plays her cards close to her chest. She keeps to herself and is cool, calm and collected.

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Toby the Giraffe

Toby the Giraffe

Character Trait: The Helpful Friend

Toby the Giraffe is a loyal friend. He will go above and beyond to help others, and to make them feel included. As a result, Toby has many close friends. He is known to be clever, social, and confident - as well as cool and charming.

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